Latest build – Mavic Open Pro Disc UST on Hope RS4 hubs.


Mavic specify a cautious 90-110kg maximum spoke tension. I’ve tried going over this in the past, but the benefits are not there. You rapidly reach a point where the rim stops responding to adjustments, which is a sign of the elastic limit being reached.

So I built these 3-cross with Sapim race spokes (2mm-1.8mm-2mm) to precisely 110kg on the drive (rear) / disc (front) side, and I’m very happy with the result. I measured trueness to within 0.1mm lateral / 0.2mm radial, with a nice even tension all the way round.

These are a classic looking wheel – the rim is only 430g and they’re wonderfully stiff.

Available now with rim tape fitted for SEK 9000 for the pair.

Latest build