Why handbuilt? Stronger, longer lasting, designed exactly for you. The best upgrade you can make.

How do you build the best wheels? Skill, experience, quality tooling.

Why wheellab.cc? One person, no BS, reputation means everything to me, I cannot afford to give anyone bad advice or sell them wheels which they are not delighted with. More about me…

Where are you based? Stockholm, Sweden.

Can you build with my parts? Yes – 750 SEK per wheel

Can you re-use my hub? Often, yes. Depends on age and condition. Get in touch.

Can you re-use my spokes / nipples / rim? Probably not. Without being sure of the history of the rim / spokes, I prefer not to. Spokes and nipples are cheap…

Can you fit tyres for me? Wheels with fitted tyres won’t fit in my boxes, so I no longer offer this.

Can you deliver? From around 75 SEK within Stockholm, cost of courier elsewhere. I get very good deals on couriers through sendify.se

Where do you deliver? Throughout the EU.

How do I pay? Swish (1230628701) or bank transfer

How long will it take? Depends – usually 2-3 weeks, some factories are struggling with supplies at the moment.

Do you offer sponsorship? Sometimes – get in touch.

Do you do repairs / service? Most of the wheels from other manufacturers that have come to me for service have been so badly built I will only now offer service on wheels built by me. I’ve also got tired of people giving me dirty wheels to work on so dirty wheels will now have a 250 SEK cleaning fee.

Can you repair my Shimano / Campagnolo / Mavic wheels? Sadly not. Parts are hard to find and prohibitively expensive. It’s a frustrating situation I have faced myself and written about.

What guarantee do you offer? Swedish consumer guarantee – 3 years. Some parts have a longer manufacturer’s guarantee (e.g. ENVE 5 years) .

Why don’t you use aluminium nipples? Not reliable enough. Not worth the 0.6g / nipple weight difference. Take a look at this – two years old (photo thanks to Derek at Wheelsmith UK)

Handbuilt carbon wheel