Using the Morizumi SCT Spoke Cutting and Threading machine (one of only two in Sweden), I am able to custom cut 14g and 13g spokes to any length (precision to 0.5mm), with the highest quality hand-rolled threads. This makes my builds as precise as possible, and reduces waiting time for orders, as I am less dependent on spoke supply chains (which can actually be very slow!).

Custom cut spokes available

  • Sapim Leader – plain gauge (black or silver)
  • Sapim Race – double butted (black)
  • Sapim CX Ray – double butted, bladed (black)

Spoke rescue!

In addition, I can offer an emergency 2hr delivery within Stockholm of plain gauge spokes in any length, black or silver, straight pull or J-bend. This is aimed to get people back on the road as fast as possible in emergencies (spoke breaks before Vattenrundan…?)

Pricing for the 2hr rescue service is 50 SEK per spoke plus courier. Regular, non-same day delivery via PostNord is also possible, at 20 SEK per spoke plus postage.

Tension meter calibration

Correct, even spoke tension is the most critical factor in building a strong wheel. I calibrate my tension meters using the GRS Engineering calibration device, and can also offer calibration of any tension meter as a service to local wheel builders.