A curious build

A dynamo system for a 20″ wheel bicycle. A standard dynamo would not work with a 20″ wheel – there would be too much drag, so a specialised option is needed. There is an expensive SON available – the SON XS. A few issues with this (apart from price) though – I think it’s ugly, and I don’t like the semi radial lacing. I also wanted to match the existing 20 spoke 2x pattern for

Latest build

Latest build – Mavic Open Pro Disc UST on Hope RS4 hubs. Notes Mavic specify a cautious 90-110kg maximum spoke tension. I’ve tried going over this in the past, but the benefits are not there. You rapidly reach a point where the rim stops responding to adjustments, which is a sign of the elastic limit being reached. So I built these 3-cross with Sapim race spokes (2mm-1.8mm-2mm) to precisely 110kg on the drive (rear) /