When you buy from me, you get a level of support I am truly proud of. I’d compare these two scenarios (both true).

1) A person buys a high end bike from a well-known internet only seller. After a year or so they break a spoke and get in touch with the seller. The seller tells them it may be several MONTHS to supply them with a new spoke…(*)
2) Out riding on new wheels, a rider is unlucky enough to have a nasty stone strike into their drive side spokes, damaging one. Repaired by me and back on the road within 24hrs.

(*) the internet seller actually recommended me as the fastest way to get back on the road. I’m one of the very few places in Sweden able to cut spokes to length, so I’m often able to offer incredibly fast turnaround on repairs.

Of course, it would be great if in the first case the spokes didn’t break in the first place. But that’s the reality of machine built wheels – they will not last as long, and often by the time they reach me, a full rebuild is the only option, as spoke tensions are all over the place and the damage has already been done. In the latter case, that’s life, that’s the reality of riding. Accidents happen, can you count on your wheel supplier to look after you?

A tale of two experiences…