A dynamo system for a 20″ wheel bicycle. A standard dynamo would not work with a 20″ wheel – there would be too much drag, so a specialised option is needed. There is an expensive SON available – the SON XS. A few issues with this (apart from price) though – I think it’s ugly, and I don’t like the semi radial lacing. I also wanted to match the existing 20 spoke 2x pattern for better aesthetics on the finished bike (if it doesn’t match the rear, it will offend my eye).

I found the 20 spoke Shutter Precision SV-8 – light (357g), range of colours available, and a classic look. And less than half the price of the SON. It’s arrived, and it seems very nicely made. I’ll either use it with the existing rim, or possibly a Schürmann Yak-19. Double butted spokes for a smaller wheel like this are hard to find, but they can be had from some BMX suppliers. I’d rather use double butted 🙂

Waiting for some parts now, build to start soon.

A curious build