Off the shelf expenses

I’ve been a happy user of Shimano wheels in the past – I rode a Dura Ace C24 for several years, and was very happy with them. I got the set on sale at Wiggle, and was a happy customer. Here’s the thing though – it gets very expensive, very quickly to keep a set of wheels like this on the go once it’s time to change rims. Rims wear out – and good hubs

Tension off the scale…

I had a set of DT Swiss RR 415 rims on DT Swiss 240 hubs come in to me for a rebuild. Here’s what had happened to the rim: The tensions were all over the place, up to 1300 N on the rear drive side (the rim is rated to 1100 N maximum). It was a good example of how hard it can be to judge tensions by “pinging” the spokes – it wasn’t immediately