Dynamo conversions

Dynamo conversions

I’ve done two dynamo conversions in the last few weeks. It’s a real pleasure – a good dynamo lighting set up can transform a bike into a super-flexible means of transport. Being based in Sweden, I’m used to many hours of darkness 🙂 And the months of darkness here mean that a dynamo installation is a very pragmatic choice. No chance of forgetting lights, or leaving them on a bike (from where they can be

Rim wear

The rims on a rim-braked bike wear out – inescapable fact. Grit, aluminium fragments embedded in brake pads, simple friction of a clean pad – all take their toll. How much and how fast depends, but it’s worth taking steps to minimise wear. What can you do? use a good quality brake pad e.g. Swissstop (and of course, always use the correct compound for carbon rims!!) clean the brake pads regularly, and dig out any

Latest build – February 2020

This is a favourite build – such great value for money. So many town / hybrid bikes come with really crappy wheels. Given that these are the bikes that often see the most use (abuse!), a strong, reliable wheelset is one of the best investments you can make. Depending on exact configuration you’re looking at less than EUR 200 for a set like this – with top quality Sapim double butted spokes and brass nipples.